Chapter One Cover

October 27th, 2007, 8:59 pm

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author comments

En...  October 27th, 2007, 9:03 pm

The cover for chapter one! Guess what this means comes next week?
I'll let you figure it out.

Lessee...Also, this cover has the snazzy new AI logo innit--can ye spot it?

So anyhoo--hope you all enjoy the upcoming chapter--if we're nearly as funny to you as we are to ourselves, then it should go down well...XD

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Pyroman  October 27th, 2007, 9:05 pm

Ah yes, that logo will be refined don't you wory about that. it's just a tester really for now!
Nevertheless, please excuse the terrible perspective! *cries*
I hope you enjoy the pages to come!

User comments

pianoman0391, October 28th, 2007, 8:19 am

it's fine pyro, better than i could ever do (as you and i both know...)

i think i'm going to enjoy this.

oh, is guest artwork accepted?

Winfred, October 28th, 2007, 11:52 am

Yessss, I found the logo! WOO! *high-fives self* ....Oh, hey, it's also in the corner, too. Where it's really really big. And I didn't notice it until now. Wah... >_<

By terrible you mean SNAZZY perspective, amirite? Amirite? Yes I am!

En..., October 28th, 2007, 2:30 pm

If you look carefully you can see a tiny bit of perspective skew...But to be honest, if he hadn't mentioned like five times via e-mail and then again in the comments, I dinnae think I'd have noticed it m'self...XD

And the moment we're not really looking for guest comics, though I suppose if you wanted to randomly give us fanart we might put it in a seperate section of the site or something...

Cent (Guest), October 30th, 2007, 4:19 am

Lookin' Good...
Can't comment fully right now, I'm half-asleep. Just letting you guys know I -HAVE- been reading. And I like what I see.

Aside from a rather disturbing lack of yours truly...

En..., October 30th, 2007, 9:19 am

Ah--Glad you're stil reading it!
Your character won't be in it for a bit yet though I'm afraid...XD

Pyroman, October 30th, 2007, 11:17 pm

Oh which character is cent? Or is it not scipted yet...?

or is he one of the *plot spoilers*!?

haha just kidding.

ThatAlmightyFellow, October 31st, 2007, 4:24 am

Yar... ye shall walk ze plank...
lol, I dunno if I even remember who my character was. All I know is that while the Prolouge did take entirely too long to wrap up, it nonetheless sets this comic up very well.

I'd just better not be dissapointed when Ch. 1 is officially underway. :)

En..., October 31st, 2007, 5:37 pm

I think that Cent's character is mentioned a bit in one of the admin-only forums on the topics that we filled with plotstuffs, but I dinnae remember which one it'd be offhand...

Don't think you'll be disappointed by chapter one though! If the scripts we've done so far are any judge, it should be much funnier then the prologue, (way too mired down in setting the foundation to be really funny). 'Course, it'll probably take even longer then the prologue...

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